Waterproof IP66 Outdoor Round 6W Led RGB Flood Light For Tree Or Building White Yellow

Model No. LT-F95-6W
Power Range 6W-36W
Beam angle  10°,15°,25°,30°,40°,60°,10×30°,10×45°,10×65°,10×70°,20×45°,20×65°
Input Voltage Range DC24V&100-265V
Light Color RGB, White, Single Color Etc .
Control Method IR Remote Wireless control and DMX control optional 
Housing Color Gray
Material Aluminum
IP Rating  Outdoor using waterproof IP66
Working temperature  -20 ~ +40℃
Warranty 3 Years 
Size φ95×130


Item Number: LT-F95-6W
Color: RGB (Red, Green and Blue)
Waterproof: Very good Waterproof for outdoor ,IP66          
Power: 6W
Beam angle: Wide radiation angle,such as 5°, 15°, 25°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°
Warranty : 3 years Warranty

Aging test

1. 100% aging test for 24-48h before shipping.
2. 100% turn on/off test.
3. 100% machine measurement.
4. The LED driver we use is isolated and safe,and its lifespan is long which is a important factor for us to offer 3 years warranty.

Installation Process

Control Method

1.DMX Control
First step, Connecting the power adaptor cable.
Second step, Connecting the signal cable , DMX IN and DMX OUT ( light 1 by light 2 together, light 2 by light 3, light 3 by light 4...)
Last, The DMX IN signal cable of first light be connected to DMX controller . 
The the whole light will be controlled.
Remark: 1 DMX control system can control 170 pieces RGB flood light within 100 meters. If the distance more than 100 meters, need to add the magnifier.

2.IR wireless remote control
16 Color & Dimmable, With the provided remote control, you can select color and adjust brightness as desired.
There are 16 colors changing and 4 modes, Flesh, Strobe, Fade and Smooth.
You can easily change colors, brightness or modes with a press of the button. Please note that the remote controller should be directly facing the light within 19.7-26.2ft.


1. Indoor and outdoor decoration.
2. Building decoration.
3. Bridge edge lighting.
4. Outdoor advertising lighting.
5. Landscape outlines.
6. Decoration for places of entertainment.
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